Project Team

Ayse Tarhan

Founder and Head of Digital Ottoman Projects

She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and, during this time, also undertook an English language course in England. She gained her PhD in Ottoman Literature from Mugla Sitki Kocman University in Turkey in 2015 and has presented papers in many international journals and symposiums since then. She participated in The Baki Project at Washington University and is the Project Manager of The Latifi Project also at Washington University. She has been teaching Ottoman literature, Ottoman language and Turkish language at various universities for about 10 years. Currently, she is working as an Associate Professor at a university in Cyprus and also undertaking a further master’s degree, in Information Technology.

Sevgi Yavuz Oduncu

Coordinator of Digital Ottoman Projects


Dr Yavuz Oduncu completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in Istanbul. In 2008 she gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Istanbul University. In 2010 she received pedagogical formation training at Istanbul University. In 2012 she completed her Master’s degree with her thesis titled Diwan of the Cemaleddin Mahmud Hulvî. In 2020, she graduated from Istanbul University’s Turkish Teaching for Foreigners certificate program. In the same period, she worked in The Baki Project for two years.

In 2022 she gained her Doctorate degree at Istanbul University with her thesis titled Analysis of Garâyibüʼs-Sıgar and Intralingual Translation of Its First 100 Ghazels. Ali Sher Nawayi, Chagatai, Ottoman, and Persian poetry are her main research areas and she has various papers on these subjects.

She currently works as a Turkish Language and Literature teacher.


Nasim Niksiar

She is a PhD student in Information and Communication Technologies in Education Faculty at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in Cyprus.

She is a Research Assistant at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research at EMU. Her research area is Persian language and literature in the period of the Ottoman Empire.


Erfan A. Shams

He received his BS degree in Agriculture Engineering from Hormozgan University, Bandar-Abbas, Iran, in 2009 and the MS degree in Information Technology from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Famagusta, North Cyprus, in 2015.

He is currently a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at EMU. His research interest includes machine learning and computer security.


Serhat Açar

He graduated from Marmara University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Management Sciences and received a master’s degree in Economic History in 2019.

He is currently interested in digitalization, digital humanities, Ottoman cultural and social studies. He is working in classic Ottoman, Arabic, and Persian literature, and also follows the developments in Library Sciences and carries out editorial work for the International Journal of Library and Information Services.


Mevlüt Güler

Mevlüt Güler has been working as an IT Specialist (software programs, hardware) since 1997 till present at Computer Center in Eastern Mediterranean University. He also has teaching experience in informatics and English with sign language (in Turkish and English), to hearing impaired learners in Northern Cyprus. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Cyprus Foundation for the Hearing and Speech Impaired – (KIKEV) since 2015 and a member of the Deaf cultural society.